GADGETS GALORE! **”Squeezees” A little leather pouch to easily store headphones, cables, SD cards, or any small items needing to be separated from the mess in your bag! — $5.00 for 1 or $20.00 for 5! **“Sqeezee"/headphones combo. Good quality wired olive earbuds with microphone, track and volume control; $12.00 each or 3 for $30 HEADPHONES ** Plantronics M.180 Single Ear Bluetooth Earphone; this new model works with the newer bluetooth 4.0 and above protocols; it goes over your ear for comfort and security with the earbud then fitting securely; you can easily wear this all day without discomfort; "js in either ear; 7 hour talk time. Note: one customer with a latex allergy experienced skin irritation after use; $55.00. Best For People Who Hate Bluetooth Headphones; ** Axceed Wireless Over Ear Earbuds with Flexible Hook; I use these myself every day and love them; have not experienced any discomfort no matter how long I wear them; very convenient and reachable controls on ear pieces; speaks on/off and pairing functions; very stable signal reception for a bluetooth headphone. These are by far the best bluetooth headphones I have ever used for under $100.00!; $50.00 **Beats by Dr. Dre Noise Cancelling Wired Earbuds; you know the brand; we found this incredible bargain on these very high priced earbuds — $50.00. POUCHES AND WALLETS **Neck Pouch; Has three compartments for phone, bills and credit cards; will support phones at right height for camera to be useful; multiple colors — $15.00. ** Waist Packs; models include Jumbo (app. 13 inches long; Colossal (approximately 16 inches long) and other smaller sizes — $30.00 - $50.00 **DurableCowhide JUMBO Waistpack. Our Best Waistback Ever! This 7-pocket 8 inches deep x 15 inches long can carry your load on the road for the day. Waist strap extends to fit up to a 56” waist **The Most Durable Phone or Gadget Case You Will Ever Find; made by Jamin' Leather, for motorcyclists who really require durability; this heavy duty leather case with one main and one outside zippered compartment can hold and protect your phone, your Trek, your Stream, or other small gadget; has both belt loops and a shoulder strap — $25.00. **RFID Blocking Full-zipper Wallet; this brown leather wallet with six credit card and ID slot also has the desirable RFID blocking protection — $25.00. BAGS AND BACKPACKS **Embassy 22 Inch Utility Canvas Backpack — $50.00. **Jamin' Leather Heavy Duty Cowhide Backpack; beautifully stitched and durable; rucksack type; heavy duty cowhide — $90.00. CABLE We have all different kinds and lengths, including: **Magnetic Cables for Both Lightning and USB Devices; no more forcing plug into outlet; little magnet once inserted into device port connects magnetically to cable, eliminating the strain on the cable and your device from being plugged and unplugged - $20.00 **Heavy Duty Multiple Plug Eight-Foot Braided Cable; supports lightning, micro USB, and the type C adapter; $25.00 **2 in 1 Headphone adapter charging cable for iPhone and above; this splitter allows you to simultaneously charge your phone while using wired headphones; sturdier than the iPhone Lightning headphone adapter. Heavy duty and MFI Compatible; $20.00 SPEAKERS **Tadpole "Active" Miniature Bluetooth Speaker with Carabiner; this new version supports bluetooth 4.0 devices; 1"x 2" one button; 4 hour playing time; easy pairing — $20.00. MISCELLANEOUS "Sparking" Roller Ball Cane Tip; this hook tip that fits Ambutech canes has a small friction generator that causes the tip to spark as it rolls along the ground, making it possible to be seen at night; sparking mechanism appears to last about as long as the tip itself - $30.00
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