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Product List

What we try to do well at GuideLights And Gadgets is the following:

(1) We answer our phones, because we make our living by talking to customers so we can help them decide whether a product will meet their needs. We'd rather forego a sale than sell you something that you don't need and will most likely return.

(2) We underwrite tutorials when others don't or won't. Examples: new infrared thermometer and bp meter, and Orbit Writer.

(3) We seek out products that are not readily available; our community needed a high quality talking non-contact infrared thermometer, and we partnered with a manufacturer to get it done. If it doesn't exist and we have the resources, we'll try to manufacture it ourselves at lower competitive costs; we did it with talking power bank, our own bone conduction headphones.

(4) We don't accept sponsorships, take money for endorsements, or play favorites by "specially interviewing" companies whose tech products we promote.

(5) Our governing principle that has guided Kae and me since we began in 2013 is that we want to have fun in doing what we do and add value and perspective for our customers. We will do the best we can to do business this way.

Below are brief descriptions and prices of items available from GuideLights and Gadgets through the remainder of July. Items that have limited quantities are shown either by a quantity available or by "ltd." The use of the word "clearance" before the price of an item is also self explanatory. Most clearance items are being deeply discounted as we reduce our supply of these items. All such items will be in excellent to mint condition.

Items will be labeled in categories G for GADGET, (electronics) or L for LEATHER, GC for GADGET CCLEARANCE, and LC for LEATHER CLEARANCE.


In this section, you will find a variety of purses, shoulder bags, neck pouches, backpacks, and protective cases for Braille displays. Prices are good through July 31, 2021.

L.(1) The Toughest Phone Case in America:
From our Jamin' Leather Motorcycle partner comes this heavy duty horizontal case with two main full width compartments and a half height side zipper compartment. Comes with a shoulder and crossbody strap, and has built-in loops for attaching to belt, pack, or purse. The case is big enough to accommodate a six inch phone and also has room for a Stream, wallet, and accessories. Phone Case Stand Alone: $20

L.(2) "Phone and Orbit Writer Case Combination:
We attach commercial velcro to the front of this case with a corresponding piece on the back of the Orbit Writer. It takes a 15 pound pull to remove the Orbit once attached to the outside. After use, it can be stored alongside the phone in your case. "On the Go" Orbit Writer Case: $35

L.(3)a. Standard Neck Pouch: This has been our most popular item, with over 700 sold. It is made of soft leather and has two full width zippered compartments on one side to accommodate phones from 4.5 to 7.5 inches. There is also a small snap compartment for change or in my case, SD cards. On the back side there is a single full side compartment which many folks use to store an Orbit Writer or other smal l bluetooth keyboard. The case permits excellent camera visibility because the phone is zipped into a compartment with the camera rising above the top for use with AIRA or Be My Eyes. The pouch has two different strap styles. One uses a round paracord that is adjusted by squeezing a plastic slider that can move from your waist to your throat to get the most comfortable height for you with the pouch. The other style has a more traditional flat strap like you might find on a tote or a purse shoulder strap. This strap is also widely adjustable, but it may take you a little bit more time to work with it. Some people don't like the idea of a round cord around their necks; others appreciate the quick release and size adjustment. You can choose either style and the price is the same: $15. Ask about available colors (black, light and dark blue, pink, brown, gray etc.)

L.(4) New! Extra Large Neck Pouch:
When we first touched this, it was love at first sight. Same material as the phone case, but vertical rather than horizontal and with a choice of five pockets. The pouch is approximately 7.5" x by 5" and opens to about three inches wide when all the pockets are packed. This is big enough to carry your essentials for a day outing eliminating the need for a purse while still giving you hands free options. This pouch comes only in black: $40

L.(5) Conceal your 20 Cell Braille Display (in a Re-Purposed Concealed Weapon Carrier!):
When I first felt this product, I was delighted with its sturdiness, but of course wanted to make use of it differently. It measures 10 inches by 8 inches by 3.5 inches thick. Imagine a hardback book with two zippers that go totally around the middle of the case. There is a velcro compartment for the concealed weapon that can be removed and, what you then get is a great compartment to shield a 20 cell Braille display and a second compartment for accessories. And shield this thing does! The all-leather case with slots for cards, money etc., is very cushioned on either side. Comes with a crossbody shoulder strap for carrying or just take the strap off and throw it in a bag. Best of all, it unzips in a way that allows you to use your device in the case. It has a key lock: you get the benefits of being able to use your machine in the case with the best double sided protection we have found in our 7 years of business: $70

L.(6) Waist "Fanny" Packs:
We currently have 3 primary styles of waist packs varying by size and features. The most exciting one will come first+ (smile)

L.(6A) Braille Display Waist Pack; First, we put the new A. Braillesense 6 (32 cells) in it and it fit perfectly. Then, we tried the Braillenote Touch Plus 32 cell, and it fit. Finally, we tried the new Orbit 40 and it fit just perfectly. This all leather pack has an 18" main compartment and 6 smaller compartments. It will hold just about anything in the way of phones, book players, wallets, keyboards, or whatever you need to fit in for your daily travels or maybe, since it's just so heavy, exercise; very soft leather, fully lined; has an organizer pocket. You could even write a number on it while walking, if you had to: $60

L.(6B) Heavy Duty Outdoor Cowhide Waist Pack:
This pack is 14.5 inches from end to end and has 6 other pockets. Its uniqueness comes from its heavy cowhide leather; high quality zipper pulls, and a host of other features. It's 8 inch depth for the main compartment is a real plus: $45

L.(6C) The "Just Ordinary" Size Waist Pack:
This stylish soft leather pack is great for when you don't need to carry the whole world around your waist, but still need to carry a good day's amount. The pack is 14 inches from end to end, 7 inches top-to-bottom, has a "hidden" full pocket in the back, two nice sized little end pockets, and two other square utility pockets. It is not an overwhelming pack so women will feel comfortable with t3his one as well: $40

While we will aggressively look for good prices on any item you want to meet your specific needs, we again focus on three products that have been found to be rugged and useful. LEATHER "Motorcycle" Rucksack Backpack: The leather for this seventeen inch backpack is very thick and heavy. The pack itself weighs just over 2 pounds. But, your items inside will stay dry inside with its drawstring closure with a flip-over protective cover. There is one main compartment and two other smaller pockets. Shoulder straps are also all leather and adjust easily. The cowhide leather construction supports the size and weight of a five day trip, carrying clothes and gadgets: $90

L.(8) The Convertible Purse-Backpack:
This bag feels like a triangle with the point at the top, until you open and pack it. The shoulder strap (crossbody) has a zipper down the middle. When you unzip it, the strap becomes two shoulders straps supporting a very roomy 13 inch rucksack-style backpack. The pack also has several small auxiliary pockets, but the main compartment is big enough to hold an iPad, 12 inch laptop along with other needed items. Remember, though, that it is a big open compartment, so contents may move around: $50

L.(9) The Convertible Duffel-Backpack:
I didn't believe this when I first touched it. Pull up on the suitcase style metal handle, and it becomes either a 19 inch or 23 inch wheeled duffel for easy maneuvering in an airport or any other location where you need to roll, rather than carry. Put down the handle and two leather shoulder straps come to support either the 17 inch or 21 inch backpack. The mystery two inches comes with the wheels being drawn up into the frame when the backpack is used. The bag is "saddlebag" style, meaning that the main compartment is flanked by small end pockets on each side. I think of this convertible bag as a "stuff sack" for cramming as much in as you need for as long as you need. These have proven very popular and get high grades on durability and use from customers who have bought them. Both models will fit in an overhead compartment, but fitting them in is easiest as a backpack.
19 inches: $70
23 inches: $90

L.(10) Specialty Leather Bags:
This category contains some multi-use items which can function as purses, shoulder bags, Braille display and tablet carriers, or for other uses we haven't thought of. This is the place where, particularly if you are looking for something unique, we can usually find it from among our 3 wholesale large leather manufacturers.

L.(10A) Utility Cross-Body "Big" Purse:
This bag is a stylish ten inch by twelve inch by four inches (when overstuffed) traditional feeling purse. The main full width compartment is flanked on one side by a snap closure full width and height compartment and the other side has two smaller zippered pockets, one full wider and the other about two thirds width. This bag will easily handle 20 cell Braille displays, along with a lot of other stuff. It has a very strong strap, with good solid hardware, which means it can hold a lot! The crossbody strap is a full 28 inch drop, so you can wear this bag on either shoulder and actually have it trail behind you for comfort and security: $60

L.(10B) The "Everything" Bag:
This soft leather bag (approximately six inches by nine inches by five inches (when stretched open) gets its name from the day when a friend put as much into it as possible (about ten pounds worth) and then tossed it at me. It was delivered just like a football pass, which of course meant I dropped it and then of course "everything" spilled out. I then filed for Workers' Comp. It has two main compartments that will easily handle a 20 cell display or Bluetooth keyboard. The bags (there are both vertical and horizontal models, our choice based on what we get from our supplier) have a felt-like protective lining. There are an additional four pockets, plus a full size snap closure pocket on one side. These are cross-body, with a 28 inch strap. I will say that the hardware on this strap may not be as strong as on other models of bags we carry, but the leather is beautiful and soft. Also comes with a wrist strap which works well. This bag comes in 2 size, a single center compartment and a double center compartment. The rest is identical. This has been our most popular bag by far; we have sold over 100 of these and the only problem has been the sometimes strap clips have been stretched too far open, due to too much weight in the bag.
Single center compartment model: $20
Double center compartment model: $30

L.(10C) The Versatile "Chest Pack:"
The first time I touched this bag, I didn't know what it was for. It took my friend (another blind entrepreneur and friend) to show me (as she removed it from our exhibit table upon first touching it) and said "it's mine." Picture a 10 inch square, rough-textured and thick leather covering. There is one full-size compartment that can actually hold the new BS6 display, althouh it IS a snug fit. There is also a water bottle holder, another hidden full size compartment, a 4 by 6 inch velcro closure pocket, and a very nice 6 by 8 inch pocket; all of which are on one side. The other side has a 9 by 10 inch zippered compartment; and then ... there is my favorite pocket: a flip-up expandable cell phone holder that will allow you to have an unobstructed camera when needed for varous phone apps. The sides of this pocket are stretchable, which means it will accommodate most cell phones.

With so many options, how do you wear it? You have choices:

As a chest pack, it stays tight to your front; as a cross-body bag for hanging on the opposite shoulder or; wear it cross-body and then fit it securely on your back. This is truly a versatile "biker" case with very rugged leather material, excellent hardware, and a strong and well-attached strap which can be adjusted in length to accommodate a wide range of sizes and uses. Trust me on this one, you will find many uses for this bag: $65

L.(10D) The Tablet Cross-Body Case:
This has been one of my favorite bags for over five years. It is a soft lambskin patchwork leather, with room enough for a 13-inch laptop or a full-size Braille display or notetaker. And, there are two of those compartments. On one side, there is a very expandable full width three-quarter depth pocket that I refer to as the miscellaneous gadget pocket. It can open to just under 5 inches wide, and I have used this pocket to carry about 20 pounds of miscellaneous electronics. There is also a very secure velcro flap pocket, and another full-width and -length one on the same side. On some trips, this bag has weighed as much as forty pounds (when I must have been hauling bricks, as Kae once noted. My first one lasted three years without showing signs of wear. We should really call this "the bag of many STRONG pockets!" The one drawback we note is that the cross-body strap is permanently riveted to one side. It does have the 28 inch length drop strap, and you can wear it either as a shoulder bag or a cross-body, but the rivet is the weakest point of what otherwise would be a just about perfect bag: $50

What is a leather "Squeezy?" You may remember the little pouches where you squeezed the top to carry your loose change - Well, the squeezy
of two generations ago has grown up and has been repurposed! It is now a 2.5 by 3.5 inch case that has so many uses that you will wonder, as I have on many occasions, how I did without ten of them. In them I have placed earbuds, cables, thumb drives, sd cards, even loose batteries. There are two versions (our choice) both about the same: one is a harder and firmer leather; the other is softer and more bendable. I like them both. And there is even a key ring inside. They are $5 each, $20 for a five pack, and $35 in a ten pack.

L.(10F) The Clip-On Belt Pouch:
Sometimes, you feel and then buy something you are not quite sure about, and so it was in this case. This little pouch has two heavy duty spring clips, almost like carabiners, one on each side. The pouch is of just about the thickest softest leather I've felt on a case. When you open the flap (it is meant as an adjustable cell phone case (you will discover that you can snap it closed at any one of 3 positions, depending on the size of your phone). What I like best, however, is clipping this either to your shirt, belt, or pants and then listening to your Stream, Trek or radio hands-free as you walk around the house or relax outside. It only has one compartment, but Jamin' Leather makes this pouch themselves in their factory and it's meant for biker abuse.
It's a bit of indulgence; the costs they pass on to me are quite high, but you get a security blanket in that it won't detach from where you put it. $55

L.(11) Ladies RFID Clutch Wallet:
This clutch, made of premium leather, is smooth and pleasing to the touch. It features an RFID-protected snap compartment with twelve slots for credit, insurance, discount, membership, gift and information cards, a seperate slot for state ID or passport card. Between the two vertical rows of card slots is a zippered compartment, great for securely protecting passports, service dog verification papers or any important documents that must be kept safe and secure. At the top of this section is a very large compartment providing space for quick, easy access for boarding passes, checks, a few bills for tips or anything needing to be more quickly accessed than from the inner, more secure areas.

The second large compartment zips around 3 sides and contains two roomy compartments and a smaller zipped compartment for currency and coins. This item is made to be carried in a purse or backpack. There is no exterior carrying strap: $50


About seven years ago, I started looking for the perfect cable. It had to have the following characteristics; long enough to be useofl (10 feet), very heavy duty construction (ideally metal core with rope like covering and most importantly, the multi-function connectors should not just be little extensions at the end but supported independently and useable together and have a "quick charge" capacity; and, (3) reasonably priced. I don't ask much, right? It took five years, but our current 3 head multifunction 10 foot cable checks all the boxes. It's very heavy duty (you could hurt somebody if you swing it, really). The connectors are each 12 inch extensions (one each of Micro USB, USB-C, and Lightning), coming out of a brass collar. It is quick charge in capacity, handles multiple devices simultaneously, and for me the best is that it rapidly charges BrailleNote Touch, Polaris, and BS6 units. This cable (the 3 in one) is $20. Many people buy two or three. I recently added a very small USB-C cable that is very short (about six inches) and ends with a USB connector capable of receiving a thumb drive, standard USB connector whose other end will connect to your computer, or a USB multi-port adapter for micro sd and full size sd cards. This short cable works great with the Touch Plus, Polaris, BS6 and other USB-C devices. I keep lots of them around, as I'm always losing them. It is also $20

G.(2) The "Gum Pack" Card Adapter:
This is about the size of a pack of gum, and on one side there is both a slot for a micro SD card and a full size SD card. On one end is a USB-C port that can connect directly with a USB-C port on a device (however, the connector is short and I prefer to use an adapter in the middle to give it more stability.) On the other end is also a standard USB connector that can be connected to a computer or other device: $20

G.(2A) SPECIAL SALE: If you Want the "cable and adapter pack," you can get all three at a reduced price! $50

G.(3) Evo Book and Entertainment Player:
I call it the entertainer because it has so many functions that it should keep you amused. This very small rechargeable player with a great speaker (Just ask Mystic Access) gives you more functions than you can find on a Victor Stream, EXCEPT THAT IT WILL NOT READ BARD BOOKS. But what it WILL DO, using the highest quality Ivona voices of Joey and Sally, will be to read Daisy Bookshare content as well as EPUB, mp3, and txt files. And the player does a whole lot more: It has a very good quality recorder that is enhanced by the volume and quality of the speaker. It has a reminder alarm function, timers, and compass, FM Radio, Internet radio and podcatcher; and, perhaps most exciting, is that it has a recording/editing function, simple and just usable for inserting and removing blocks of text. I know of no other digital player, accessible to us, that does this. It's not the Goldwave sound editor, but I did edit one of my audio instructions for one of our products. The Evo 10 Daisy Player is $250 (we just got hit with a new $40 surcharge per unit from U. S. tariffs), but that is still approximately $175 below the cost of the Victor Stream. Iit does not have USB ports that are vulnerable to breakage, because it utilizes the older mini USB standard with no pins on the end of the cable. Battery life is between 12 and 14 hours. When you buy the player, you also get a leather carrying case, a headphone microphone combo, with USB cables and a wall adapter. We also add a 16 GB sd card, a second pair of quality ILuv headphones with volume control, and a better wall charger if the one included does not work adequately, in our opinion. We have sold 70 of these units, and only one of them has been returned and for good reason. The bundle is $250 and includes an 11-hour Mystic Access Tutorial.

G.(4) Non-Collapsing Telescopic Aluminum Canes:
This has been another search for the impossible over the past fifteen years. This aluminum cane is comprised of seven sections in either 59- or 48-inch lengths. The sections can be pushed together or pulled apart for the correct length. These are not support canes, but if used for regular travel, they function very well. One individual whom I utilized as a tester has walked over 50 miles with this cane and it has not loosened up. The reason is that although the cane is round, there are six ridges around the circumference in each section. While the cane may shorten itself by two or three inches when colliding hard with an object, it will maintain its length for traveling. We have already sold about 60 of these canes; one has broken, but we believe it was used for support by the customer. The hook tips (2 come with each cane) are a hard rubber polymer mushroom roller type. The tip is attached to the cane with a set screw, and other hook tips appear to be unusable without modification: $50

G.(5) Medical Grade Non-Contact Talking Thermometer:
I have purchased and evaluated over 20 different talking thermometers. All of them vary with each reading to some degree. Most of them cannot be relied upon for accuracy. Late last year, I discovered that a talking unit was being used by a hospital and in several doctors' offices. This led me on a trail to finding where they came from. It turns out that this company does not sell on the Internet or through Amazon. They are purely business-to-business suppliers and have contracts with hospital systems and Durable Medical Equipment providers. What's more significant is that the infrared sensor comes from Singapore. This unit is amazingly simple; just pull the trigger of what looks like a water gun and you will have a reading in one second and after 10 seconds it turns off. audio tutorial by Lisa Salinger: $50

G.(6) Talking Blood Pressure Cuff Type Meter:
There are also many of these on the market and they are made by the folks who make the thermometer. I would say that the difference in quality between this and other units is not as great as with thermometers, however, it does have 3 key features; (a) The cuff can be adjusted from very small to extra large; (b) the display is larger than on many units, and (c) you don't need to plug it in if you are without batteries, as it has a micro USB port that can attach to a computer. This unit can only keep track of readings for one user. It comes with a Lisa Salinger audio tutorial: $50

G.(7) Talking Blood Pressure Cuff UNIT With multiple Memory Function:
This unit, as does the other one, uses 4 AA batteries. It can track two different users, but the cuff that comes with the unit is a medium to large cuff and does not have as wide a range in size. The voice quality of this unit is just a bit inferior so a hearing issue might be relevant. We like this unit a lot for its durability, as we have been carrying it for over two years: $50

G.(8) Single Ear headphone:
So many of us use these for outside mobility with a GPS app or with AIRA or Be My Eyes. For several years, our "gold" standard was the Plantrnics M 165 and M 180 earpieces. But these are no longer available, and we have switched to several different units within the $25 to $50 price range depending which features are important to the user.

G.(9) Beats Flex Bluetooth Headphones:
These are earbuds, joined by a wire, but they are very sufficiently angled to stay in your ears. The controls are simple, and some have compared these favorably to Apple Airpods Pro, but for a lot less money. They are my "go- to" headphones for working with Zoom $65.

G.(10) Beats Wired Earbuds with Lightning Connector:
I love the Beats URBEATS and other wired models. They come in both 3.5 mm. and lightning connector versions, and their sound quality for wired earbuds is unmatched. As people on Zoom calls are often asked to be as quiet as possible so as not to disturb others, and these headphones are great for this purpose:
$50 per pair
$90 for two pair

G.(11) Marathon Bluetooth Headphones:
Five years ago when I first ran into these, I could not believe that they would work. They look like a yoyo, when carried in your pocket, but a with a coiled cable that stretches out to go behind your head. Not a lot of fancy features, but these are the kind of over ear headphones that you can wear for a long time without discomfort. They have been discontinued by the original manufacturer, but we are still able to get these and they are worth it. $60

G.(12) Portable Bluetooth Speakers:
G.(12A) It should come as no surprise that the choice out there, from small to large, is bewildering. I only carry two speakers which are very portable. The first one is a stereo pair that connects easily to each other and feels like a round 2 inch by 2 inch round pill container. But do they sound good! They are so portable that you can carry a pair in your pocket: $50

G.(12B) "Bottle Speakers:"
The second speaker is even smaller, and it is a single unit that is about a 1.5 inch pill bottle. And it is very heavy - well over a pound. Why? Because it is made of metal with a metal diaphragm, and the volume and bass sound that comes out of this thing are not something you will forget for quite a while. It comes on a lanyard so it can be attached for outside use. 10 to 12 hours of battery life: $55

G.(13) SoundBoxes:
This is another one of those coincidences. They came on the market from a fairly well known electronic products company, and a year later, they vanished. There have been a few subsequent revivals: that's why we have six models. There are really two types: those that are rechargeable (wood with a felt bottom to keep from scratching furniture) and plastic models that use 3 AA batteries. Both can be used as plug in units with the aid of a micro USB cable (included) and a usb wall connector. There is some hum, particularly with the plastic models but not that loud that it would seriously annoy you.
What do these things do? Amplify the sound of what you put on top of them: stream, trek, phone, even the Echo Dot with some models. The boxes vary from 3.5 to 7.5 inches long, and the bigger ones can accommodate large items. You simply place the device on top, move it around or turn it until you hear a substantial increase in volume, and just like magic, it's working. They can also be used as wired speakers, but there is really no need. The battery life with AAs is variable; the instruction say 6 to 8 hours, but I have had one of these go for months without needing a change. These boxes are great when you need to hear something in another room, perhaps while you are in the kitchen, or when you just want more volume and more bass.
Here are the models and their prices.

G.(13A) Everyday Rugged (case is enclosed) With Batteries:
This works surprisingly well, but the speaker magnets being totally enclosed make the sound just a little less loud: $25

G.(13B) Small Wood Rechargeable:
This Model has an on/off switch (battery units have a button, but it can be difficult to know when it is on or off): $35

G.(13C) Stereo Battery Model:
This lets you adjust the balance between speakers with a small stereo effect. It is a little more challenging to get it working property & requires a little banging around and patience. You have to leave it stationary for at least 5 seconds. The balance toggle switch is on the same side as the on/off button. $45

G.(13D) Large Wood Box:
This one is about 7.5 inches long with felt on the bottom. The wood is a dark color and the bass is better than the smaller one because of its size: $50

The Original Very Small Soundbox:
This, in my opinion, is the biggest sound in the littlest package, and has the best overall Sound quality. These are hard to come by (mostly from audio geeks or people who stopped using them). Lately, I have run across a small number of these 2011 units, but they tend to sell out quickly. The speaker "ears" are recessed, but open, one on each side of the boxes 3.5 inch sides. Batteries seem to last a long time in this model: $70

G.(13F) The Anomaly:
It's about a 4 inch cylinder with a 4 inch speaker grille on top. You use it on its side, pointing the device to the right or left. The reason your device doesn't go on the top is that there is an outside ring around the speaker that limits the size of the object being put on top of it. It does use batteries and has a micro USB port as well. The one feature that it has is a little bit more bass for music, because for its overall volume: $35

G.(10G) Women's Earbuds:
For years, I have listened to complaint about earbuds that fall out and those complaints were justified, particularly with women and little kids. One manufacturer realized the potential, and made a great product: a set of wired earbuds with 3 choices of very small tips. They will definitely stay in your ears: $25

G.(14) Power Cube:
This is my ultimate go-to device when I need outlets and USB ports to be easily accessible. This 3 inch cube contains 3 USB outlets and 3 AC outlets. It has surge protection and a button that you push in for on. It also has a 4 foot heavy duty power cord so you can put the cube whereever you need it: $38


GC.(1) 5-port USB desk charger; power provided by AC outlet; can sit on desk or small enough for travel; 2 units available; Clearance: $20

GC.(2) Pair of Zoeetree Bluetooth Speakers; approximately 12 x 3 x 2 inches. Zoeetree has been a good name for portable quality Bluetooth speakers for the past 5 years. These pair together for stereo effect, have easy to use button controls, and have a good base sound. One set only; Clearance: $40

GC.(3) Sharkk Boombox Bluetooth Speaker; 12 x by 3 x by 2 inches. Sharkk has a reputation for making high quality Bluetooth speakers; monaural speaker with good bass. CLEARANCE: $35

GC.(4) Boost Plus Soundbox Amplifier;
Unlike all of our other soundbox amplifiers, this unit has a 4-inch diameter round speaker. The device to be amplified is placed on top of a small rectangular platform that is raised about 4 inches high. The platform is about 6 x 4 x 3 inches, large enough to accommodate a Victor Stream or Trek, or a cell phone. Because of its size, this model is not as portable as the others we have available. It uses 4 AA batteries. 3 available:

GC.(5) Infrared Talking Clinical Thermometers:
These are NOT the non-contact infrared talking units we also sell that are the most accurate models we have found; these are both ear and forehead talking infrared thermometers in a number of different styles (flashlight) or (short tube) with a one inch opening that sits on a base. They work for both taking temperatures on the forehead or ear; they are not precise, but will vary by no more than four tenths of a degree through a series of uses. 6 available; CLEARANCE: $35

GC.(6) Archer Flips Wired Headphones/Speakers. This was the top-of-the-line model; they are highly padded over ear headphones with 3-inch diameter speaker grills on the outer side of each headphone, with a plastic cover. When the covers are removed and a switch is turned on or off, the headphones become wearable speakers. If the user desires, they can be moved down and hung around the neck to allow for listening as well as mobility. Rechargeable with about 4 to 6 hours playing time, depending upon volume 1 unit available. CLEARANCE: $45

GC.(7) Belt Holster Phone Cases (both horizontal and vertical models:)
These are very heavy duty faux leather and canvas cases with magnetic closures and flip tops; Available In both 5.5 inch and 7.5 inch cases. These holsters, with strong clips for attaching to pants or shirts, also have a slot to run a belt or strap through them. These are "carry-" not use-protection cases; 20 units available; 10 horizontal and 10 vertical: $10 each.

GC.(8) 30,000 MAH Large Power Banks: These are desk models and their MAH capacities are accurate; they are 12 x by 6 x by 2 inches and weigh approximately 2 pounds, have three USB charging ports and a USB port for charging. 2 units are available. As they are heavy, the price will include shipping. CLEARANCE: $35

GC.(9) Wired Headphones: For the past year, we have been including a pair of these ILuv quality earbuds with our Evo 10 players in addition to the headphones that come standard with the player. Since our flat shipping rate is $10 per prepaid envelope, we are going to do this a little differently virtually than in person. Minimum purchase will be 2 headphones with 5 packs available for the price of 4 headphones. Can also be packaged in a squeezy pouch for from one to 5 headphones, by simply multiplying the price of the headphone at that quantity: CLEARANCE: 1 headphone for five dollars; 2 headphones for ten dollars, 5 headphones for twenty dollars. Squeezies either sold separately or with headphones are also five dollars each and available in five packs for $20. A combined 5 pack of headphones with squee: $40

GC.(10) Panasonic Wired Stereo Earbuds: Sometimes I make a purchasing mistake - I thought these were the traditional earbuds style; they actually have around the ear plastic earhooks, with an integrated hard plastic ear tip on each side. I shuddered when I first felt them, thinking that they should have been labeled "earphones for torture." Then, I put them on. Surprisingly, they are comfortable to wear. You forget about the bizarre shape and they grow on you as you wear them. They stay nicely in place, and have pretty good sound. These are NOT FOR SMALL EAR canals. CLEARANCE: 8 available. $5 in combination with other purchased items.

GC.(11) Talking Pendant Atomic Watches by Five Senses; This talking atomic watch is one unfamiliar to most of us as their models are not regularly carried in the U. S. I discovered these several years ago (they make about fifteen styles of atomic watches) and was totally surprised by their quality build and battery life - one of which I have had going now for 5 years on its original battery. This wetch can be worn on a chain around the neck or carried on a keychain in a purse or pocket. A little challenging to set, but once you get it set, it just keeps running: CLEARANCE: Just 2 units left! $40

GC.(12) Echo Cube, First Generation, in original box and unused:

GC.(13) Eutour Braille Magnetic Watch: These watches operate similar to the Bradley, as they use magnetic balls that move around their tracks and can be felt to know the proper time. These watches have two tracks, one for hours and one for minutes on its face. These 8 watches are new in their boxes, but they are old stock and will need new watch batteries to make them run. $25

GC.(14) Vario 20 (Never Used) Braille Display from Baum: Unit was acquired from a customer who found he could not use it after less than one hour playing with it. It will come with one of our long cables and a good charging block: $500

GC.(15) Tadpole Miniature Bluetooth Speakers: This one-inch long speaker does one thing: uses Bluetooth to make sounds. It comes on a carabiner and can easily be attached to your collar or for that matter, anywhere else. You cannot answer the phone with these or carry out any other function. They are rechargeable and quite loud for their size; I have used them with AIRA. 2 units available: $10 each.

LC.(1) Utility Wallets or Cases. These have many uses; they have a large top zipper compartment, with either one full side zipper pocket and an ID card holder on the other side or just one zippered pocket on each side. They are a very soft high quality leather. For many years, both Kae and I have used one of these to carry credit cards in the large center compartment. It can be opened to about three inches, with bills in either of the side pockets. I have also used these for protecting Victor Streams and other valuable small audio devices, as well as for long cables and bluetooth headphones. Their uses are numerous, and they are very durable. As many customers know, they make great holiday gifts.
CLEARANCE: They are usually $15, but for this month, the price will be $12.50 for one, $20 for two. Approximately 25 units available.

LC.(2) "Good To Go" Small Cross Body Purse: This little purse (aproximately 8 x 8 x 1 inch) is available in an assortment of colors. It is made of soft leather and has 2 long zip pockets and 2 small pockets on the front and one large zip compartmentt in the back to help you to organize the essentials you need for an evening out or a quick trip to the store. It has a web strap that can be adjusted from being a cross body bag to a shoulder bag to a neck bag! These make great small gifts around the holidays! Two years ago we took 10 of these to our local pharmacy to say thank you to the staff for their help and thoughtfulness. They were a HUGE hit!
CLEARANCE: Usually priced at $15, this month they are $10 for one or 3 for $25

LC.(3) RFID WALLETS. As with so many other products, we wanted to find a wallet that met all of our criteria and in so doing, we knew that if we did, it would appeal to our customers. The two wallets we chose (they are identical except one has a very smooth feeling and the other feels pebble grained) met these criteria:

A. They have a zipper that goes entirely around the wallet which means that when you take it out it will stay closed and nothing will fall out;
B. It has true RFID protection, not just those "paper" sleeves that are always falling out of too many "RFID" products;
C. It had to be deep enough to hold bills securely and with at least two compartments for doing so;
D. It had to have at least ten credit card slots; and,

E. It would be fashion appropriate for men and for women. These two wallets easily meet those criteria. One customer bought two, gave one away as a present, then decided she had to make sure that she had a backup, so she bought a third one; CLEARANCE: $25

We may have gotten into this business because both Kae and I have an undiagnosed shopping addiction. The size of our "clearance" pile makes that "abundantly clear."

Many customers ask us for advice about the product areas we know well. We have often been asked to locate a specific discontinued product from the past, and if we have the time and the relationship, we will try to help. Barry seems to always be buying or trading Braille displays, and people who are not comfortable with publicly advertising often ask us to do it for them. We will not do so unless we know the person and the product well.

We do this business because we enjoy it; we are both retired, although many days it doesn't feel like it! HAPPY SHOPPING.

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