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WHEN YOUR HEALTH IS AT RISK, YOU CAN NOW UTILIZE ACCURATE AND ACCESSIBLE TALKING HOME MEDICAL DEVICES TO MONITOR YOUR BODY TEMPERATURE, OXYGEN SATURATION, AND BLOOD PRESSURE WITHOUT ASSISTANCE! GuideLights and Gadgets, Inc. is excited to offer three new accessible, high quality, and dependable products, which are accurate and easy to use: talking non-contact infrared thermometers, talking Oxymeters, and talking blood pressure meters. All are especially helpful for blind, visually impaired, and senior consumers! The importance of these three new products has a personal significance for Barry Scheur, a retired blind attorney and health care executive, and co-founder of GuideLights. In 2005, his company, "Talking Solutions," manufactured one of the earliest talking infrared thermometers, only to be blocked from entering the market with this needed product by a company that didn't want speech in a similar product they had previously patented. "For the past fifteen years, I have purchased and tested every talking infrared thermometer that has come on the market, hoping that enough attention would have been paid to accuracy and ease of use, to support low vision, blind and all users in need of these devices in an easy-to-access and accurate device. Unfortunately, every model of these units had utilized infrared sensors that are of such low quality, that none of them could obtain the same body temperature reading three times in a row!' "You may not have thought that independently monitoring your actual body temperature was that relevant, or not have been overly distressed that the process has complicated or not independently accessible, until you needed to rely on a thermometer that is inaccurate when trying to determine whether you might be symptomatic for medical threats, such as the COVID-19 wworld-wide epidemic.' "High quality talking medical devices have long been available to hospitals and DME (Durable Medical Equipment) suppliers, but they have not, until now, been commercially available to vision impaired and senior marketplaces. We are glad to finally be retail partnering with a company that understands the need for a product of this quality to be available to the general public, and has demonstrated its willingness and commitment to address this need." Additionally, the thermometer has a larger display than most other competitors, making it easier for seniors, and those with vision loss to read it with greater ease. And it speaks the readout in a clear, non-accented voice! Also available from GuideLights, is an upper arm talking blood pressure unit, which is very easy to use, affordable, and designed with a larger than average display. The BPM is a cuff-type unit that comfortable fits very small arms, as well as very large! It sells, as does the thermometer, for $50. Newest to our talking medical product line is our simple to use talking oxymeter, which is simple to use and announces the current oxygen saturation percentage, which is a critical test performed to determine the level of oxygen being absorbed into the bloodstream. This is critical information for patients, doctor and caregivers when monitoring respiratory diseases and disorders All of these talking devices devices are easy to use, affordable and have large screens that are easy to read. Contact us for further information or to order your unit(s). Local orders may be picked up in Myrtle Beach, to save shipping costs. Check out the products! To accpooess Barry's audio demonstration of these devices, click on Barry's Demo: To access audio manuals for these products, click on the links below. Here is a link to the talking blood pressure monitor Manual: BPR Manual (audio): And here is a link to the talking thermometer audio manual: Talking Thermometer Manual (audio): For additional information, please contact: Barry Scheur Gadgets Galore! At GuideLights And Gadgets, Inc Phone: (617) 969-7500 Email: bscheur.TechAndGadgets@gmail.com Address: 1597 Suncrest Dr, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577-1997 Website: www.GuideLightsAndGadgets.US/GadgetsGalore.html

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