Here is a sample of some of the fun and functional products we offer in our GuideLight Dogs line of products.

**We carry all sizes, shapes and textures of dog toys. There should be a toy here for everyone. Please call Kae and together we will choose a toy just right for your dog; $5.00 - $35.00

**Hand-made AIRPORT LEASHES can get your dog through Security checkpoints without a pat-down; $15.00

**LED HARNESS LIGHT STRIPS provide visibility for you and your dog at night; $28.oo

**Two-compartment HARNESS LUGGAGE attaches to your harness handle and provides space for food, collapsible bowl, waste bags, as well as personal items, such as a water bowl,keys, wallets, etc. Two sets may be mounted, one on each side of the handle. I personally chose to put 2 dog booties in mine, in case of escalator work; $18.00

**FUR LIFTERS, an essential tool for removing loose fur from the floor of a car, carpeted stairs or any other small area that is hard to reach with a vacuum; $11.00

**COLAPSIBLE TRAVEL BOWLS, another essential for dogs and handlers on the go! Sizes range from 2 cups to 8 cup capacity. we also carry collapsible scoops in 1/2 and 1 cup sizes for measuring food. All are made of food-grade silicone and can be safely placed in the dishwasher (top rack) for clean-up; $8.00 Ė $18.00

**HANDS-FREE WASTE BAG CARRIER STRAP. Attaches easily to your dog's harness or leash. Used bags can be attached to the harness, so that you donít have to carry around the unsightly, and often otherwise objectionable package until you can locate a proper disposal container. This is a must have for every dog handler! $6.00

**LEATHER HIP PACK. A perfect size when you want to carry treats for your dog and a few small items for yourself. Outer pouch holds plenty of "food reward" and has a magnetic snap closure. There is an additional zip pocket to hold keys, cards, money, waste bags, etc. $18.00

And lots, lots more!

KaeAnn Rausch
(781)286-1696, or by email at

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